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Hardware configuration

Please follow this step-by-step guide to configure your GPS device:

  1. You device must be able to send GPS data with HTTP GET/POST requests.

  2. Send data to the following server and with required format:

    • Hostname:
    • Port: 80
    • URL parameters: [imei] [key] [data]

      • imei - IMEI of the GSM/GPS device, must be unique number per device. Example: 312345006395040

      • key - unique key for the device. This key can be configured through OpenGPS interface and must match for the device. In case key does not match, GPS data will not be accepted. Can be omitted for the initial connections.

        For additional security, we highly recommend you use security keys for all your devices.

      • data - GPS data in the following format:

        UTC, latitude, longitude, hdop, altitude, fix, cog, spkm, spkn, date, nsat

        Data example: 123704.000,4725.9991N,01455.8212E,2.6,223.1,3,166.64,2.01,1.08,060812,05

        Example explained:

        • 123704.000 - Time - hhmmss.sss (GGA)
        • 4725.9991N - Latitude - ddmm.mmmm (GGA)
        • 01455.8212E - Longitude - dddmm.mmmm (GGA)
        • 2.6 - HDOP - x.x (GGA)
        • 223.1 - Altitude - x.x (GGA)
        • 3 - Fix (VTG) -
          • 0=Invalid Fix (data will not be logged by OpenGPS)
          • 2=2D fix
          • 3=3D fix
        • 166.64 - Course over ground (COG) - (VTG)
        • 2.01 - Speed over ground (km/h) (VTG) - x.x (VTG)
        • 1.08 - Speed over ground (knots) (VTG) - x.x (VTG)
        • 060812 - Date - ddmmyy (RMC)
        • 05 - Number of satellites - nn (GGA)

        GGA,RMC,VTG refers to official NMEA line format.

        You can send multiple DATA lines via POST separating them by New Line character (ascii:10).

      Full example: key=test&data=123704.000,3025.9991N,01655.8212E,2.6,223.1,3,166.64,2.01,1.08,060812,05

  3. Server will reply in the following JSON format:


    Indicating how many GPS lines have been logged or failed to be logged.

  4. Once your hardware has been configured, register using device IMEI number. If you are already registered, login and click add device icon to add new IMEI number.

    For IMEI to be recognized at least one GPS data transfer is required from the GPS device.

To view interface demo press the button below.

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