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Earn with OpenGPS
OpenGPS platform can provide you with fully working GPS monitoring and fleet management solution. Following features included into OpenGPS for business:
  • Fully branded solution. Display your logo and use your own domain.
  • Administartion interface to manage your units. You have full control who can use your branded system.
  • Hosted platform and fully out sourced management. You do not need to worry about hosting, servers and security. Everything is managed by our staff.

How it works:

Once you applied for OpenGPS business solution you receive your own OpenGPS installation under your own domain name. After that you can start using the service and let your users register and view GPS data.

You will not need to worry about any technical details as everything will be managed by us while you can invest your time into expanding your business.

You can start your own GPS business with in 5 minutes, check our Whitelabel GPS tracking by GEOLINK.

To view interface demo press the button below.

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