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OpenGPS features
GPS tracking engine features:

  • Multiple mapping providers
  • Latest data always on the screen
  • Watch device feature
  • Street name displayed along with other GPS data
  • Display devices by groups
  • Display past tracks for any date
  • Ajax based engine, no need for page refresh
  • Multiple device icons and custom icons on request
  • Timezone configuration

Hardware features:

  • Remote sensors data. Acquire temperature and other sensors readings from installed tracker hardware. 1-wire sensors support available on special request.
  • Remote engine lock. Control engine state with remote commands. Special relay hardware installed for engine control and is supported out of the box.
  • Microphone support. Call installed SIM card and listen to everything inside the car.
  • Multiple GPIO and analog inputs available for control and data acquisition.

Can not find the feature you are looking for?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can modify tracker software and mapping engine to suit your needs. We can also design and produce additional hardware for you.

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